Transforming the Community

One unfortunate event can create a cycle of uncertainty, instability, and homelessness in a person’s life. When faced with a housing loss, prolonged unemployment, overwhelming medical bills, poverty or mental health challenges can force individuals into a downward spiral. As a community, we all feel the impact often resulting in increased crime, a reduction in available healthcare resources and additional costs to taxpayers.

A Positive You has set out to change this unfortunate reality for those living in metro Atlanta by providing safe, affordable housing and basic resources for individuals and families who need a helping hand. We want to give people the tools they need to become contributing and self-reliant members of society.

Changing Lives

Our efforts to help the homeless in surrounding metro Atlanta communities are underway. Our team of dedicated professionals is connecting people to job opportunities, healthcare assistance, and additional resources to move them out of poverty and into a happy home. The road to recovery from homelessness requires stability and proper support. We are here to assist in transforming lives one person at a time.