Dear Supporter,

My name is Sharon Phillips. I am so happy you are here and are thinking about/have supported the wonderful people of Atlanta who need our help.

A little background on me, I am a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner with nearly 20 years in mental health services management. For 7 years, I have served as Executive Director, CEO, and owner of two agencies, Positive Beginning and Essence of Care with previously serving as the program director for Uplifting The Community.

I've spent decades developing new initiatives that can and do better serve my city and its people.

Now, I have decided to continue my passion for people and create A Positive You.

Our vision here is simple: Create a path to a brighter future.

To lay down the pavement, brick by brick, helping others reach the life they want and deserve.

We desire to cater to those who suffer from chronic homelessness due to mental illness and drug abuse.

It's no secret that a great percentage, 1/3 to be exact, of those without homes suffer from some sort of mental illness. This the gap we aim to close.

By giving these individuals a safe place to stay, clothes to wear, food to eat, and the medical treatment they need, we will create a better future for not only the less fortunate but for Atlanta.

Our journey has just begun in laying down the path for a brighter future. I ask you, fellow uplifter, supporter, encourager, to take this journey with us.

Help us lay down the path to a brighter future.