Created for the 1/3: The percentage of individuals without a home who are diagnosed with a mental illness, the A Positive You Foundation was established to provide shelter, food, clothing, safety, and continuous medical attention to those in need.


Our Initiatives



A Positive You was created to provide a network of support and vital resources to homeless individuals diagnosed with mental illness throughout the Atlanta area. A Positive You Foundation has 3 big initatives: To provide shelter, food & clothing, and a network of resources that inlcude continuous medical help to ensure safty and self-reliance.



Our biggest initiative is to provide permanent and trasistional housing for those in need . Our goal by 2024 is to raise $1.5M and begin building one of Atlanta's biggest & best, low-cost housing complexes for those struggling with homelessness and mental illness. This will be our greatest resource to begin closing the gap between homelessness, mental illness, and drug abuse.



In addition to housing, we aim to provide a cafeteria and clothing bank for those in need, open to the general public. Warm meals every day along with clean clothing and new hygenic products will be given daily to those without a home in the mertro Atlanta area.



We don't aim to provide temporary solutions, but permanent ones that aid in self-sufficiency and the betterment of one's life. That is why A Positive You is dedicated to connecting those without homes to a vast and highly vetted network of resources including continous medical attention, educational programs, workforce development, and more.