Join us in closing the gap between homelessness and mental illness by volunteering your time and talents to A Positive You today.



Make An Impact

The volunteer opportunities at A Positve You are endless. From volunteering your time to aid in the day-to-day operations of the organization to feeding the homeless to vounteer your talents as a contractor to build affordable housing for those in need, you have the power to make an impact.

Without your kindness, compassion, and help we could not help the indiviudals without a home in the metro-Atlanta area work towards a better and more permanenet future.

Please read the volunteer opportunities below and choose your ideal volunteer opportunity. Then, fill out and submit the form and we'll contact you shortly!



One of the greatest and simplest ways to make a positve impact on our community is by getting involved.

We believe that with your help, we can provide quality assistance to the individuals without a home in the metro-Atlanta area.

We'd love vounteers for any and alll of A Positive You's initiatives including: helping us plan or volunteer for our fundraising events, feeding the community, assisting in the daily operations here at A Positive You, and much more.

Simply fill out our volunteer form, choose the desired way you'd like to volunteer, and we'll contact you very shortly to get you started!




Are you a contractor or know someone who is? Please let us know!

We are currently scouting contractors to aid us in our biggest initiative: Build affordable housing for those without a home and who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and are battling drug abuse.

These apartments will be based in the metro-Atlanta area and will have a positive and major impact for the community. If you are a contractor or would like to refer one, please fill out the form by clickling on the link. We will get in touch with you or the referred contractor shortly.