Here at A Positive You, we believe in making permanent and long-lasting change. That is why our biggest initiative is to build affordable housing for those individuals without a home in the metro-Atlanta area.


Goal: Build The Path

In order to ensure that the homeless individuals of our community are lead to a self-suffiecient and more permanent better way of life, we understand that include permanent and reliable housing.

This is why building affordable housing is our biggest and most pressing initiative to date.

With a safe enviroment to house those without a home who are diagnosed with a mental illness, we can really do the work in creating a path to a brighter future, a brighter "you" for them and their families. This includes check-ups, resources for education and job placement, continous medical attention, warm meals, clean clothing, and safety.



Changing Lives

Our efforts to help the homeless in surrounding metro Atlanta communities are underway. Our team of dedicated professionals is connecting people to job opportunities, healthcare assistance, and additional resources to move them out of poverty and into a happy home. The road to recovery from homelessness requires stability and proper support. We are here to assist in transforming lives one person at a time.

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